Perfect Match

26 Aug

I consider myself a pretty average person in terms of my technological ability as it applies to cell phones. I will be honest that I have had a few moments of glory where I proudly had the solution to a friend or family members tech question. I have also been lost staring at a phone or two convinced there has to be an answer I am missing. When I got the option to review the #Nokia Lumia 928 for #Verizon from #Crowdtap for FREE… well I was a little giddy. I have spent my days in the Apple world of iPhones and iPads, picked through a few Blackberry options, as well as surfed the Galaxy (III) of Samsung. All of these phones I think would be considered a comparable option to the Nokia Lumia 928. Once a lover of everything Windows and PC I slowly took a walk to the dark side so that I could do it all in a device and manage a business after many failed attempts at owning a Blackberry.

Here is the thing, I am not necessarily a big fan of all things Apple. Don’t get me wrong. I have reaped some rewards but I went through college with Windows. I didn’t think I would ever have this option. I can appreciate what Apple has brought to the market but I really just wish Windows could keep up. This brings us to the day that a giant box arrived at my door with a sleek phone, an amazing speaker, and some goodies for friends. These were all given to me for free. I ripped open the box like a little girl on Christmas Day. I quickly plugged in my new phone and started playing. Since that day I have spent everyday playing. I have let family and friends play, and I have made some decisions about this cool gadget.

The Nokia Lumia 928 is a pretty amazing device. First off, the Verizon network makes it ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS work at top speed (even in my little town in the middle of nowhere). The first thing I liked about the 928 was the tile layout. I know that Apple has their little apps but something about live tiles has me feeling always in touch and on top of things. Of course you can customize those tiles however you want. Facebook here, Twitter there, Google, weather, XBoX, you name it. After admiring the surface of this phone I started to look into what it had to offer. I was very excited to see the Skydrive and everything Windows could imagine available. Hello Business Savvy! This phone has me using my iPad to search out things like the Surface Pro tablet. I want to go back to Windows. I was foolish to have ever left.

That leads me to the camera. You know that commercial with all the night time pictures. How great they look and fun too. Well, I so happened to need a new camera since my most recent one (ironically also a Nokia) just fell to the ground and broke (insert sad face here). The good news is that this camera on this phone is so amazing that I do not need to fork out any extra cash. Why carry around yet another device when the camera in my phone is now better than my old digital camera. Yes, I said it… The camera in this phone is better than my not so old but now broken digital camera.

So, of course with all things good there always has to be a different story or another side. There is not good without bad. I really wouldn’t go as far as to say anything with the Nokia Lumia 928 is bad because it really does not have a bad quality that I can find. I would call it different. I was looking for different. Here is the thing you are going to hear… the Windows apps are not as good as Apple or Google… Well here it is, they do not have all the same apps. They do have some apps that Apple or Google does not so it is up to you to determine how important those apps are to you. I am a little disappointed that I have to pay 2.99 for Words with Friends instead of my free version from Apple but trust me I will get over it. Some of you may not be able to though.

I can tell you this. The Nokia Lumia 928 on Verizon is dependable, sleek, and very business savvy. I have been looking for a phone that could truly help me with the really business of running a business. I now have that all wrapped up in a phone that is a social networkers dream. You want a phone that does everything. Well now you have it! Thank you #Nokia #Verizon and #Crowdtap for this opportunity.


Conscious Box Giveaway!!!

30 Apr

If you have not yet learned about the Conscious Box now is your chance. They offer various boxes all with great earth and health conscious themes. Marija’s List is excited to offer you our first ever Conscious Box Giveaway. Click on the link below to enter the raffle. Good Luck Everyone! Conscious Box Giveaway

Sugar n’ Spice

19 Apr

Being a self proclaimed brand snob can get you certain perks I suppose. Being an influenster puts it all to shame. I have to start out by letting you know that Influenster is not just some other scam website trying to get your information for free. When I signed up to review products on their website I was sure I would answer hundreds of questions and never get anywhere. Boy was I wrong. Within about a month of signing up for Influenster I was offered my first VoxBox. Assuming that you have no clue what either are I will gladly give you some back ground. Influenster is a website, as an influenster you agree to provide your opinion on various products you have used in the past. By providing that information you are given the opportunity to receive a VoxBox. A VoxBox is filled with free product for you to sample and provide your feedback about.
Okay, so jump ahead and I was ecstatic to receive my second VoxBox invite for the Sugar n’ Spice box. Let me make it very clear that all of the products discussed below were all provided by Influenster and the brands to me for FREE for the purpose of reviewing the products. So, that beautiful spring day came when on my doorstep sat a bright orange box with the words INFLUENSTER inscribed across the top, bottom, sides, and anywhere in between. As a run inside my house like a child on Christmas morning I frantically open the box while my four year old makes me swear he can have the colorful find when I am done. This is not my first VoxBox so I am prepared for the FULL SIZE samples inside. Yes, you heard me right; you get full sized samples.
Inside I find products from Colgate, Vaseline, Dickinson’s, Belvita, and Nectresse. I have hit the jackpot! Beat that Vegas. I have to tell you I am thrilled about the fun I will have trying out these great products over the next few weeks. I know, from experience that this will be fun.
My first find were the Optic White products from Colgate. I really think they were reading my mind or maybe they have planted a spy cam because a winters worth of coffee stains were starting to catch up with me. The cool thing about Colgate is that they didn’t just send a tube of toothpaste; they sent the whole enchilada. Colgate gave me a FREE Optic White toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouth wash to review. Of course I ran like a crazy woman to throw out the no name second rate products I was using and replaced them with my shiny new Colgate products. If you have not tried this product yet I highly recommend it. The toothbrush is like none I have ever tried before. The toothpaste and mouth wash have whitening powers that may be from another world. The one draw back is a slight peroxide after taste that is easily rinsed away. Thank you Colgate… you have a new customer for life.
My second find, rightfully so, after all that brushing was the BelVita biscuits. Uh, really? these are biscuits? I would like to call them cookies but I suppose that would not go along with my diet. I would guess that all the whole grains and healthy stuff in them makes it hard to call them cookies also. Here is the deal. If you are a run and go kind of gal like me then BelVita is your breakfast answer. They taste great, they fill you up, and they give you some wholesome goodness. Yes, they are carbs for you dieters out there, but there really doesn’t get much better in the breakfast bar category so give it a try. I am sure your protein bar has far more sugar than you think. Okay, so there is one more note of good news here… are you ready? BelVita makes a Chocolate biscuit. Yep, you heard me… Chocolate. So, maybe you don’t have one for breakfast but instead you keep them around for the times you need a little chocolate but don’t want to feel so guilty about it. Oh, and don’t forget to brush with your Colgate optic white afterwards.
Continuing on through the VoxBox exploration I find a wonderful orange tub of calorie-less Nectresse. I have to say, we have a great debate in our country and my home about sweeteners. We struggle daily with finding out which is better. Do you go old school with sugar or do you risk cancer with a chemical sweetener? Scary I know… but the good news is there is a third option. Nectresse is not a scary sweetener or calorie laden sugar. It is a natural product that comes from a fruit source. You can feel good about trying out Nectresse. Oh, and it tastes AWESOME! Also, while you think that it is more expensive with that tiny little tub… when you look closely you realize that the under ten dollar tub hold 140 servings… yep that is like 140 spoons of sugar. I really am not sure it gets much better.
Now to my favorite part of the day…. beauty products. What? You thought my VoxBox was done? Oh no, Influenster does not disappoint. Remaining in my box are two beauty products. The Vaseline Spray and Go and Dickinson’s Witch Hazel face wipes. Ok, so I have to admit to something that brings me some shame. I am lazy when it comes to things like putting on lotion and washing my face at night. I am a pro while showering or doing one of my regular routines but I really drop the ball in these two departments. My skin is terribly dry because, well I’m a mom and when I get to the time of day that I am about to put lotion on my body… I start to hear “mooooooooom” and I set down the lotion and move on about my day. So when I saw this gem of lotion called Spray and Go I was intrigued. Are you ready for this? Vaseline made a lotion that you can just spray on your body and go about your day. That means… get out of the shower… towel dry… spray lotion… and move on about your day. I can do it before the scream. I can apply lotion again!!!! THANK YOU VASELINE!
Which moves me to the next challenge in my day. I have super sensitive skin. I mean it gets crazy on me if I put something on it with gluten in it. Yep, my body hates those wheat, barely, and rye derivatives. I break out in a way you never want to see. So, when I got these wipes from Dickinson’s I immediately ran to check out the ingredients… no gluten. I think I may have did a little dance. Not only no gluten, but all natural ingredients. Actually the same ingredients I was about to use in creating my own skin care since I can’t seem to find something that works. Oh, but sweet Dickinson’s came to my rescue. The wipes are amazing! I can’t wait to try the face wash and moisturizer… my paycheck can’t come quick enough. For those of you without such sensitivities I will tell you the one downfall you will find to these wipes is the smell. They have the classic witch hazel smell which is not too appealing. The good news is that the scent does not stick around, it is just something you have while you are using the wipes. If you have sensitive skin, or picky skin, or allergies, or just despise chemical unknown ingredients give this brand a try. It has been awesome.
So, now that I have bragged about all the wonderful freebies from Influenster I bet you are dying to know how to get in on this great time. It really is easy. Go to and create an account. If they ask let them know Marija Savitt sent you. Once you have an account link it to your social media accounts and blog if you have one. Then start earning badges and answering questions. Before you know it you will be invited to participate in different events like the VoxBox events. Always try everything out and take the time to give your honest opinion. Enjoy the perks.
As a reminder: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes


19 Apr

Thanks to @Crowdtap I got the chance to try Woolite for free for THE FIRST TIME EVER! Before you ask; No I have not been living under a rock. The truth is that my family never used Woolite; and my roommates in college never used Woolite. I really just never had a reason to try it until now. I really did have some assumptions about Woolite and I was a bit off.
So, I thought that Woolite was a laundry additive… not true. I thought that Woolite would add fragrance to my clothing like a softener would. Now that I think about it… I really had Woolite categorized in my brain as another softener. I really am not sure why.
Trying out the product I decided to start with the basics. I read the directions and followed them to a T. Just to give it a real test I started out with a load of colors. I decided to wash the clothes with Woolite alone. I did not add any softener because I wanted to see what the true potential was.
I usually don’t sit on the edge of my seat waiting for laundry to finish. I actually am more of the ignore it and maybe it will go away type. Today was an exception though. As soon as my wash was done I ran to check the laundry.
My first impression of the cold wet laundry was that it was vibrant and seemed to be smiling back at me. I promise I did not drink any wine while waiting. The next test was smell. I have a love affair with great smells. I have to admit I was a little disappointed that Woolite did not have a smell. It all actually just smelled like clean clothes but not fragrant. Come to think of it Woolite’s claim to fame has nothing to do with smell. I went ahead and transferred the laundry to the dryer and again waited for results.
The laundry is finally finished!!! The bell is ringing and beckoning my attention!!! Drumroll please! I ran to the dryer… well actually it was more like a stride. As I opened the dryer I noticed that the clothes were still smiling up like a little ray of sunshine. It is nice to get your clothes brighter out of the dryer for once. Woolite did it’s job. It made my clothes look great. I really wish it also made my clothes smell great as well but I suppose a great dryer sheet could fix that. I have to admit that I do like the way Woolite made my clothes look. With my second load I mixed the @Woolite with a little bit of Tide so that I could get a mix of bright fragrant clothes. If you have the money I would give it a shot but know that it does make clothes brighter but if you like scents then you will need something else to add that quality to your laundry. I like the idea that #Woolite will keep my clothes looking new longer. I will take any and all help I can get in that department with two boys running around. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and get some already. Thank you #crowdtap for the opportunity to try out this elusive product.

The best tee ever!

6 Apr

If you are anything like me you love nothing better than a great find. When I received the offer to sample Old Navy’s vintage and/or perfect tee I jumped on the opportunity. I was immediately impressed with the fabric on the vintage tee. It is soft to touch which is a big plus in my book. The perfect tee had a much more stiff fabric from my standards but I wasn’t about to throw in the towel.

I got both tees home and did what I always do… washed them. I have to be honest that in the past when washing an Old Navy tee after bringing it home I was devastated by the amount it shrunk. I wanted to give these tees the same treatment I give them all and see how it held up to the test. You can imagine how excited I was when they didn’t shrink!

I had to get the VINTAGE tee on right away. I couldn’t resist the material. It is by far my favorite tee in my closet. What’s the criteria? Length, texture, and shape. It meets five stars in all areas. On top of that I was able to wear the tee comfortably while running around playing baseball with my kiddos. It truly stood up to wear and tear while looking fabulous.

A few days later I thought I would give the PERFECT tee a try. I was a little hesitant since the texture was not what I would typically pick. To my amazement not only was the fit beyond flattering for a simple tee but the fabric had a cool crisp feel like your favorite button up. I am pleasantly surprised at the quality as well as how it completed my outfit.

So, now that I have found the best tee’s the next logical step is to buy one in every color. The good news… Old Navy makes them in just about every color your heart could desire. I can’t wait! Thank you #Crowdtap and #Old Navy for this opportunity!


14 Jan

If you are anything like me you spend the first half of your morning convincing yourself that you are getting out of bed… right now… no, wait, right now… ugh, okay in a minute. I think I go through twenty minutes of convincing myself that I need to get out of bed before I even open an eye. I will say it here and now; I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON! I can stay up all night, but mornings, no way. Once I finally roll out of bed most my family, with the exception of my two little ones who can brighten the darkest of days, know to leave me alone and stay far away. I sluggishly walk through the house fumbling for something, anything at all to get me going. I am not a coffee drinker so I have tried everything else. I tried black tea, energy drinks, and have even tried flavored coffee that is not supposed to taste like coffee.

Black tea is okay but the warmth of it on a cool day can really make you want to crawl back into bed. I have this association of tea with bed time so it is just not… should I dare say, my cup of tea. Even in trying coffee I have forced down a few mocha, caramel, vanilla drinks that leave me with a ten o’clock headache to tackle. For awhile I had a small love affair with a particular pink canned drink that could really get me up and moving until it started to kill my stomach. I’m not one for nasty after tastes and vomit inducing smells from my drinks. Call me picky, it’s okay I know that I am.

For that one reason alone I am surprised to be saying this but I LOVE EBOOST! Its easy to take with you and can be used anywhere there is drinkable water. I don’t have to end up with water leaking in my purse either because I can keep the bottle aside until I’m ready for it. Now I have been willing to make a compromise but I don’t think I am going to have to with this one. There is not any hit of strange smell or after taste that lingers. It tastes like those great sparkling juices that everyone is promoting out there. Really put it in a can and no one would know a difference. So, with all this good you would think that maybe it wouldn’t work. We I am here to tell you that it dragged my butt out of bed and got me going. I had a big meeting and needed some energy and Eboost gave me just enough to knock it out of this atmosphere. Oh and did I mention that it is gluten free? I just found out that I have celiac disease and a lot of those other drinks are pumped full of gluten but not Eboost. It is everything it claims to be and more.

So, next time you have a great meeting the next morning and the crack of dawn or you need an extra perk in your step stop and pick up some Eboost. Yes, I got a free sample in my Holiday Vox Box from Influenster ( to try out but I am so glad that I did. I would have never known that my perfect energy drink was out there just waiting to be found. Want to know where to find some for yourself? Follow this link and get going So what are you waiting for? Go try it and come back to let me know what you think. I can’t wait to hear how Eboost got you out of bed. As always Happy Shopping.


23 Dec

If you are anything like me you love shopping and equally love finding a great deal while doing it. Lately I have found that online shopping can be just as much fun as mall shopping. You get great deals with promo codes and can usually find what you are looking for. The one downfall is paying for shipping. Well I have found an amazing option to online shopping where the items come at such a great price that you are happy to pay the shipping (that is if you have to).

So here’s the deal. You go to the Shopcade website and create your own profile. You take a look around and find goodies that you love. They have everything from great clothes for both men and women to electronics to make-up to music. There is usually a discount listed on the item to let you know the deal you can get and what the price is for you. You can choose to just add it to your Shopcade to have it hang around until you have some spare cash to buy it or to show off to your friends. Or, you can choose to buy the item. At that point you click on the “shop” button on the item and when you do that you will be forwarded to the item to purchase it directly from the companies website.

This is where it gets really cool. If the company has a promo code or something special going on then you can possibly get free shipping on your great deal. You have your product ship from a reputable company and have a place to ask questions and get answers if there is a problem. It rocks, right? So, I know you are thinking these must be bad brands or bad quality items. No, absolutely not. They have brand names link UGGS, Mark Jacobs, Betsy Johnson, and many others. Below is an example of what you can get.

If you know me you know I love sophisticated girly clothes. I love the grown up polka dots or the grown up princess look. It is just so much fun. It may not be practical all the time but I don’t think I ever grew out of the dress up stage. So I found this great polka dot dress by Mark Jacobs Polka Dot Dress and these great heels by Bebe Black Heels which together make a stunning outfit for around 300 dollars. It really is amazing.

So, now you are thinking that it is a bunch of expensive brands for sale. Nope, you can find your next pair of converse or levi’s on sale as well. So what are you waiting for? Go now… Follow the link provided below and get your deals. Oh, and stop by my page and feel free to follow me to see what I am finding as I peruse the aisles of Shopcade. Happy Shopping! Marija’s Shopcade

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