Super Mom

5 Jul

Deep down inside I think we are all super moms. It’s pretty cool though when companies like @influenster realize that and want our opinion. They want to know what we think about the products we ourselves use and our kiddos use. 

Recently I got a great VoxBox for Free filled with goodies for moms and kiddos. They aptly named is the #supermomvoxbox because we are nothing short of super. It included EVERYHING from the best writing pen I’ve ever used to super fun floss for your mini me. 

I am so glad that companies take the time to care about what we think about there products before just throwing them out there. My box came with #powertothepen Pilot pens in two different colors… How’d they know pink would get an extra point. Lol. To be honest I have accidentally stepped on this pen, lost it at the bottom of my children’s crumb filled bag, loaned it for scribbles and a moment of silence and it still worked perfectly when it was time to sign a contract. Yep that is one pen. Ok I know you want to know the name so I’ll give it to you already… @pilotpenusa makes a version called Acroball and you need it Now!

While we are on the topic of messes and crazy mom life did I tell you about the time I couldn’t figure out who in the heck had the nasty BO at my kids baseball game? Ya it followed me. I was convinced someone’s scent rubbed off on me and I even tried perfume to no avail. Ugh I guess there’s a point in anyone’s life when you have to realize it’s just you. Yep. But again @influenster and @secretdeodorant came to my aid. TIP OF THE YEAR!!!! Always I mean Always keep a travel sized deodorant in your purse (not your car because it will melt)… Thank the man in the sky for small miracles. Whew!

Still going strong ladies? Yep me too. Baseball is over and it’s time to head home where showers are necessary but a struggle none the less. I have 2 boys who are very different from each other so @suavebeauty is my little miracle. Their Purely Fun 2 in 1 makes its so much easier to get sticky ball players clean and back to their video games without a trailing dog scent. Ha! The detangler spray for my little man going for the Van Morrison look is freaking believable. Now he can rock the world and still smell like he has a family that loves him #suavebeliever. 

I have to be honest… Flossing has never been a big issue because it’s an easy multitask item. It’s brushing that takes away from all those important whatever’s on their game. Hahahha. As a mom I appreciate the smaller size for their little mouths and the fact that I can tell if they have stole on of my flossers… Keep your place in line, child! Sheesh! Totally kidding I adore my rug rats but can’t wait for the day to end. Thank you #loveatfirstfloss Plackers.

Now on to the mommy time. You know when I secretly make a delicious plate of nachos I’ve been craving since the ball field. Topped with cheese and beans and a little salsa… But don’t forget the NEW squeezable sour cream so you can put just enough without adding too many layers to those thighs because ladies #dollopofdaisy is about more than sour cream. It’s about pure awesomeness in a freaking dollop!!!! Yummy. You know you do it too. 

The only thing left before you half wittedly dive onto your couch or bed or floor to pass out is to take a very quick scrubbing to the Nacho fiasco which would be impossible without the amazing #palmolivefusion to pick up your slack.

Motherhood is not easy but it’s worth every mess, smell, fight, fling, and secret stuffing of your face because you know one day… One sweet day they will do it too. Thank you for recognizing all the sacrifice and hard work @influenster #supermomvoxbox 


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