YSL Mascara is for Rock Stars!

27 Apr

So before I tell you how awesome this mascara is and how surprised I was trying yet another mascara… right. Let me tell you that I received this mascara for FREE to try out by @influenster and @Love_YSL_PRgirl and I am so freaking glad I did. So there is no confusion, I did not buy this item, I got it as a VoxBox promotion through Influenster because apparently they thought I was a Rock Star.

YSL Mascara is AMAZING! I could probably leave at that but I won’t. I have dozens of mascaras. I have been a big supporter of Benefit’s various types for years and it has taken time to turn me for sure. I have Younique’s 3D fiber mascara and yes it is pretty cool if you want to deal with fibers and all that good stuff. If you are like me… then for your daily routine you want something quick. Like your kids are yelling because they are running late to school quick. So that leaves the standard mascara that does not require multiple applications… in walks YSL (Y’ves Saint Laurent).

Here’s how it went down… it was a busy day as usual and there sat my Vox Box and my new mascara. I thought… “I’m going to try this and I really hope it goes well because I don’t have time to start over.” So I grabbed the awesome gold tube… yes it is really a cool gold tube. I put on my mascara and literally stopped in my tracks… kids yelling and all. I will not repeat the curse words used to express my amazement in that moment but we can just say I was pretty shocked that it actually worked. My freaking lashes looked amazing. They looked long and full and like Cover Girl ads except it really worked. I am sure it resulted in several extra selfies that my kids later erased from my phone.

Here’s the deal. If you want mascara and you want it to work and be quick and not smudge and to last all day and not require a manual and 10 steps then you want this mascara. I have to be honest I always thought of this brand as something stuffy that would never work for me and I have never been more wrong. I want more. In fact I need more. So head over to Sephora… or wherever you like to buy your mascara and get some… now. You need this. Really you deserve this. There are few things that need to be on point and your mascara is one. It doesn’t get better. I am a #YSLmascara believer and until I’m convinced otherwise that is where you will find my lashes. Your welcome and happy shopping.


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