They’re Real

14 Sep

Typically when I post about a product it is because I have received it for free and have been asked to try the product and give feedback. In addition, I may write a blog post if I like something and want to share my opinion. Today, I am writing about a purchase I made. I am not receiving anything for this except the joy of having finally mastered something that took me almost 20 years.

I have this slight problem… I love to purchase make-up, skin-care, and hair-care products. Okay, it’s probably a big problem. I am actually VIB at Sephora and might be VIR soon. If you don’t know what that is check out Sephora’s membership where you can earn points and free products with your purchases. It’s pretty awesome. That’s not why I am writing though. Recently I purchased my favorite mascara… Benefit’s It’s Real Mascara. I love the stuff. The wand is amazing and you have zero clumps and it makes my lashes look AMAZING! But that is not why I am writing either. With my purchase I got a deluxe trial size of Benefit’s It’s Real Push-up Liner. This is liquid eye liner people… my worst nightmare. I am so clumsy with liquid liner. I always end up with something resembling a wave more than a line and by the time I’m done trying to fix it my whole lid is filled with liner and I look a bit scary. I used to actually try to find a way to do this but eventually gave up. Until, two nights ago.

A couple nights ago I sat staring at this box of push-up liquid liner and thought that if I was going to try it I should probably do it at night so I can always wash it off easily and there is no running out the door looking like a clown possibility. I read the directions and looked at the pictures and took a deep breath as I settled my elbow on the counter to try and get the best line possible. I slightly pulled the side of my eye to help with a flatter surface… you know I tried all the tricks, but I didn’t need them. I DID IT! I actually got liquid liner on and it looked amazing. No waves or crazy lines, just smooth perfectly proportioned lines. So, if you are a liner loser as I am just fake it with the Benefits It’s Real Push-up Liner and everyone will think you are a rock star!


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