A True SPA at Home

10 Oct

I was generously provided a set of SPA facial care to try and review by the fabulous Amy Katherine Boyett, SPA girl and amazing consultant. When Amy offered to send me some samples I had expected a small packet or two which is typically the case, however, if you know Amy you know she goes BIG and provides the very BEST! So of course I was blessed with enough product to last a month. I have fairly sensitive skin and due to the fact I have Celiac’s disease many products effect me in ways that they do not effect others. I am forever in a fight to find skin care products that fight against my mild adult acne, won’t create a rash, and will fight against the signs of aging (so that I am forever 29). My very first fear was that I would break out or get a rash from the product. My second fear was that I would have scaring from a rash or break out. My third fear was that the product would just not work for my skin. I admit I am a tough customer… so what I have to say about this line of SPA products is no joke and beyond impressive.

When I try a new product my first impression investigates scent, texture, and amount needed. My secondary impression is the effect of the product on my skin both short and long term. Amy sent me seven different products to try and I have to admit I was super excited to try them all. I was like a kid in the candy store running to wash my face and play with the products. I had to stop myself because I wanted to be able to give an honest review and not over do it and thus causing my skin to react negatively. Below I will review each item individually but I would like to share a little about the first couple days and later the long term effects after nearly a month of product use. Being the excited little girl I immediately wanted to try out the cleansing lotion, microderm apeel, and moisture cream, so I did. My skin immediately felt great but within a few hours I saw two small spots of acne. At first I started to feel a little disappointment but then I reminded myself that I just did a lot of stuff to clean out my skin and it must of really needed it. Those two spots of acne that were gone by the next morning were the only spots of acne I had the entire month of use. I actually now looking back see it as a good sign that the product was working and was actually cleaning out my pores. What awesome results (I really never thought I would say that with acne involved). So, let’s move on to each product.

1. Facial Spa regenerating tonic with PHA’s– this tonic is like none other. Most tonics are strong and drying which is the opposite of what I got from this product. This product has a fresh mild scent. It is a very smooth moisturizing texture. You only need a small amount on a cotton pad or ball to swipe across your face. This product is a crucial step between cleansing and moisturizing that balances your skin.
2. Facial Spa defend & restore moisture cream SPF 20-this moisturizer is a true cross between your typical facial moisturizer and sun screen. The scent again is mild and fresh. The texture seems thick at first but as you apply it you realize it is much smoother than you had imagined. You only need a small bead size amount to cover your entire face. This product is awesome because it truly moisturizes without leaving a heaviness or greasiness which is so hard when sun screen is involved.
3. Facial Spa defend & restore night cream-have I said I love night cream? There is just something about night creams that makes me feel like I am being proactive about aging. This product has a soft pleasant scent and a very smooth texture. You again need a very small amount to cover your entire face. I truly feel like the long term effect of this product has been a more even face in terms of moisture.
4. Facial Spa restructuring eye cream-ahhh eye cream. If there is nothing out there to tell you that you are getting old, eye cream will do it for you. I have always had a darker color under my eyes since I was a young girl but age is starting to play some tricks on my. This eye cream did not seem to have much of a scent which is fine by me since it is going near my eye. The texture is fairly thin and smooth. For both eyes you need a very small amount to apply. I have invested in quite a few eye creams in my day. The ones that are supposed to magically get rid of the puffiness that wakes with you in the morning and then the others meant to take away that color that has always been there. I am not sure that this cream did either of those entirely but I do truly feel like the skin around my eyes look a bit smoother and stand out far less in discoloration since I have started using it. I am hoping this process continues.
5. Facial Spa purifying cleansing lotion-this stuff is magical. So, my grandma was quite the beauty and had many secrets to her eternal youth. I swear at 80 she looked 50 and I could not figure out the secret. I have always wished it was nothing more than good genes. There was however many “old lady” products that she would use that I cannot pronounce. These balms and creams that came from some secret store. I am telling you this because when I opened the cleansing lotion I immediately found a familiar scent. This is the scent that was always in my grandmas bathroom and I have always associated with her eternal youth secret. This is a stronger, but not too strong, menthol like scent. Whatever it is, it should not scare you because it is in grandma’s secret and immediately bought me hook, line, and sinker. Aside from the scent this product has a thinner texture but very smooth and lathers up quite well to wash your face. When you are done you truly feel like you have thoroughly washed and cleansed your face.
6. Facial Spa exfoliating polish-who doesn’t like exfoliation? The trick is not doing it too much. I was quick to read the directions to make sure I did not over do it because like flossing my teeth I can become obsessive. This product has a nice calm scent and a slightly sandy like texture. It does not hurt when you apply it to your face and it does not scratch or burn your face. Unfortunately, I have had some bad experiences. This product turned out to be mild but provides the fresh, young, clean feeling you are looking for from an exfoliant.
7. Resurface Spa microderm apeel-I am in love. I do believe that this product in use with the others is responsible for the changes I have seen in my face and complextion. It may have been the original culprit in my first wash acne but again I think it is because it was really cleaning out my pores. The scent is mild like the other products. The texture is more rough than the exfoliant but still not too rough. None of this really matters though, because the long term effects are what really has me in love. My skin has went from bland, multicolored, variant moisture type of skin to even, bright, and soft skin. I really think I can pass for 29 (wink, wink).

Overall, all of these products have contributed to a steady change in my skin for the better. My skin is breaking out far less. I do not have rashes. I have an even tone with less dark circles under my eyes. The touch of my skin is soft and smooth. I am feeling quite confident and young. I’m not sure the last time I had a skin product that made me feel so good about myself. Really your facial skin and your hair are your most important accessories. They go with you everywhere so treat them good. Treat them to a little SPA from my favorite SPA girl Amy Katherine Boyett. For products or more information you can contact her at her website Amy’s Beautipage Website She will provide you with the best care and her products are amazing so go now and treat yourself to some goodies… I will meet you there.


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