Perfect Match

26 Aug

I consider myself a pretty average person in terms of my technological ability as it applies to cell phones. I will be honest that I have had a few moments of glory where I proudly had the solution to a friend or family members tech question. I have also been lost staring at a phone or two convinced there has to be an answer I am missing. When I got the option to review the #Nokia Lumia 928 for #Verizon from #Crowdtap for FREE… well I was a little giddy. I have spent my days in the Apple world of iPhones and iPads, picked through a few Blackberry options, as well as surfed the Galaxy (III) of Samsung. All of these phones I think would be considered a comparable option to the Nokia Lumia 928. Once a lover of everything Windows and PC I slowly took a walk to the dark side so that I could do it all in a device and manage a business after many failed attempts at owning a Blackberry.

Here is the thing, I am not necessarily a big fan of all things Apple. Don’t get me wrong. I have reaped some rewards but I went through college with Windows. I didn’t think I would ever have this option. I can appreciate what Apple has brought to the market but I really just wish Windows could keep up. This brings us to the day that a giant box arrived at my door with a sleek phone, an amazing speaker, and some goodies for friends. These were all given to me for free. I ripped open the box like a little girl on Christmas Day. I quickly plugged in my new phone and started playing. Since that day I have spent everyday playing. I have let family and friends play, and I have made some decisions about this cool gadget.

The Nokia Lumia 928 is a pretty amazing device. First off, the Verizon network makes it ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS work at top speed (even in my little town in the middle of nowhere). The first thing I liked about the 928 was the tile layout. I know that Apple has their little apps but something about live tiles has me feeling always in touch and on top of things. Of course you can customize those tiles however you want. Facebook here, Twitter there, Google, weather, XBoX, you name it. After admiring the surface of this phone I started to look into what it had to offer. I was very excited to see the Skydrive and everything Windows could imagine available. Hello Business Savvy! This phone has me using my iPad to search out things like the Surface Pro tablet. I want to go back to Windows. I was foolish to have ever left.

That leads me to the camera. You know that commercial with all the night time pictures. How great they look and fun too. Well, I so happened to need a new camera since my most recent one (ironically also a Nokia) just fell to the ground and broke (insert sad face here). The good news is that this camera on this phone is so amazing that I do not need to fork out any extra cash. Why carry around yet another device when the camera in my phone is now better than my old digital camera. Yes, I said it… The camera in this phone is better than my not so old but now broken digital camera.

So, of course with all things good there always has to be a different story or another side. There is not good without bad. I really wouldn’t go as far as to say anything with the Nokia Lumia 928 is bad because it really does not have a bad quality that I can find. I would call it different. I was looking for different. Here is the thing you are going to hear… the Windows apps are not as good as Apple or Google… Well here it is, they do not have all the same apps. They do have some apps that Apple or Google does not so it is up to you to determine how important those apps are to you. I am a little disappointed that I have to pay 2.99 for Words with Friends instead of my free version from Apple but trust me I will get over it. Some of you may not be able to though.

I can tell you this. The Nokia Lumia 928 on Verizon is dependable, sleek, and very business savvy. I have been looking for a phone that could truly help me with the really business of running a business. I now have that all wrapped up in a phone that is a social networkers dream. You want a phone that does everything. Well now you have it! Thank you #Nokia #Verizon and #Crowdtap for this opportunity.


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