19 Apr

Thanks to @Crowdtap I got the chance to try Woolite for free for THE FIRST TIME EVER! Before you ask; No I have not been living under a rock. The truth is that my family never used Woolite; and my roommates in college never used Woolite. I really just never had a reason to try it until now. I really did have some assumptions about Woolite and I was a bit off.
So, I thought that Woolite was a laundry additive… not true. I thought that Woolite would add fragrance to my clothing like a softener would. Now that I think about it… I really had Woolite categorized in my brain as another softener. I really am not sure why.
Trying out the product I decided to start with the basics. I read the directions and followed them to a T. Just to give it a real test I started out with a load of colors. I decided to wash the clothes with Woolite alone. I did not add any softener because I wanted to see what the true potential was.
I usually don’t sit on the edge of my seat waiting for laundry to finish. I actually am more of the ignore it and maybe it will go away type. Today was an exception though. As soon as my wash was done I ran to check the laundry.
My first impression of the cold wet laundry was that it was vibrant and seemed to be smiling back at me. I promise I did not drink any wine while waiting. The next test was smell. I have a love affair with great smells. I have to admit I was a little disappointed that Woolite did not have a smell. It all actually just smelled like clean clothes but not fragrant. Come to think of it Woolite’s claim to fame has nothing to do with smell. I went ahead and transferred the laundry to the dryer and again waited for results.
The laundry is finally finished!!! The bell is ringing and beckoning my attention!!! Drumroll please! I ran to the dryer… well actually it was more like a stride. As I opened the dryer I noticed that the clothes were still smiling up like a little ray of sunshine. It is nice to get your clothes brighter out of the dryer for once. Woolite did it’s job. It made my clothes look great. I really wish it also made my clothes smell great as well but I suppose a great dryer sheet could fix that. I have to admit that I do like the way Woolite made my clothes look. With my second load I mixed the @Woolite with a little bit of Tide so that I could get a mix of bright fragrant clothes. If you have the money I would give it a shot but know that it does make clothes brighter but if you like scents then you will need something else to add that quality to your laundry. I like the idea that #Woolite will keep my clothes looking new longer. I will take any and all help I can get in that department with two boys running around. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and get some already. Thank you #crowdtap for the opportunity to try out this elusive product.


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