Sugar n’ Spice

19 Apr

Being a self proclaimed brand snob can get you certain perks I suppose. Being an influenster puts it all to shame. I have to start out by letting you know that Influenster is not just some other scam website trying to get your information for free. When I signed up to review products on their website I was sure I would answer hundreds of questions and never get anywhere. Boy was I wrong. Within about a month of signing up for Influenster I was offered my first VoxBox. Assuming that you have no clue what either are I will gladly give you some back ground. Influenster is a website, as an influenster you agree to provide your opinion on various products you have used in the past. By providing that information you are given the opportunity to receive a VoxBox. A VoxBox is filled with free product for you to sample and provide your feedback about.
Okay, so jump ahead and I was ecstatic to receive my second VoxBox invite for the Sugar n’ Spice box. Let me make it very clear that all of the products discussed below were all provided by Influenster and the brands to me for FREE for the purpose of reviewing the products. So, that beautiful spring day came when on my doorstep sat a bright orange box with the words INFLUENSTER inscribed across the top, bottom, sides, and anywhere in between. As a run inside my house like a child on Christmas morning I frantically open the box while my four year old makes me swear he can have the colorful find when I am done. This is not my first VoxBox so I am prepared for the FULL SIZE samples inside. Yes, you heard me right; you get full sized samples.
Inside I find products from Colgate, Vaseline, Dickinson’s, Belvita, and Nectresse. I have hit the jackpot! Beat that Vegas. I have to tell you I am thrilled about the fun I will have trying out these great products over the next few weeks. I know, from experience that this will be fun.
My first find were the Optic White products from Colgate. I really think they were reading my mind or maybe they have planted a spy cam because a winters worth of coffee stains were starting to catch up with me. The cool thing about Colgate is that they didn’t just send a tube of toothpaste; they sent the whole enchilada. Colgate gave me a FREE Optic White toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouth wash to review. Of course I ran like a crazy woman to throw out the no name second rate products I was using and replaced them with my shiny new Colgate products. If you have not tried this product yet I highly recommend it. The toothbrush is like none I have ever tried before. The toothpaste and mouth wash have whitening powers that may be from another world. The one draw back is a slight peroxide after taste that is easily rinsed away. Thank you Colgate… you have a new customer for life.
My second find, rightfully so, after all that brushing was the BelVita biscuits. Uh, really? these are biscuits? I would like to call them cookies but I suppose that would not go along with my diet. I would guess that all the whole grains and healthy stuff in them makes it hard to call them cookies also. Here is the deal. If you are a run and go kind of gal like me then BelVita is your breakfast answer. They taste great, they fill you up, and they give you some wholesome goodness. Yes, they are carbs for you dieters out there, but there really doesn’t get much better in the breakfast bar category so give it a try. I am sure your protein bar has far more sugar than you think. Okay, so there is one more note of good news here… are you ready? BelVita makes a Chocolate biscuit. Yep, you heard me… Chocolate. So, maybe you don’t have one for breakfast but instead you keep them around for the times you need a little chocolate but don’t want to feel so guilty about it. Oh, and don’t forget to brush with your Colgate optic white afterwards.
Continuing on through the VoxBox exploration I find a wonderful orange tub of calorie-less Nectresse. I have to say, we have a great debate in our country and my home about sweeteners. We struggle daily with finding out which is better. Do you go old school with sugar or do you risk cancer with a chemical sweetener? Scary I know… but the good news is there is a third option. Nectresse is not a scary sweetener or calorie laden sugar. It is a natural product that comes from a fruit source. You can feel good about trying out Nectresse. Oh, and it tastes AWESOME! Also, while you think that it is more expensive with that tiny little tub… when you look closely you realize that the under ten dollar tub hold 140 servings… yep that is like 140 spoons of sugar. I really am not sure it gets much better.
Now to my favorite part of the day…. beauty products. What? You thought my VoxBox was done? Oh no, Influenster does not disappoint. Remaining in my box are two beauty products. The Vaseline Spray and Go and Dickinson’s Witch Hazel face wipes. Ok, so I have to admit to something that brings me some shame. I am lazy when it comes to things like putting on lotion and washing my face at night. I am a pro while showering or doing one of my regular routines but I really drop the ball in these two departments. My skin is terribly dry because, well I’m a mom and when I get to the time of day that I am about to put lotion on my body… I start to hear “mooooooooom” and I set down the lotion and move on about my day. So when I saw this gem of lotion called Spray and Go I was intrigued. Are you ready for this? Vaseline made a lotion that you can just spray on your body and go about your day. That means… get out of the shower… towel dry… spray lotion… and move on about your day. I can do it before the scream. I can apply lotion again!!!! THANK YOU VASELINE!
Which moves me to the next challenge in my day. I have super sensitive skin. I mean it gets crazy on me if I put something on it with gluten in it. Yep, my body hates those wheat, barely, and rye derivatives. I break out in a way you never want to see. So, when I got these wipes from Dickinson’s I immediately ran to check out the ingredients… no gluten. I think I may have did a little dance. Not only no gluten, but all natural ingredients. Actually the same ingredients I was about to use in creating my own skin care since I can’t seem to find something that works. Oh, but sweet Dickinson’s came to my rescue. The wipes are amazing! I can’t wait to try the face wash and moisturizer… my paycheck can’t come quick enough. For those of you without such sensitivities I will tell you the one downfall you will find to these wipes is the smell. They have the classic witch hazel smell which is not too appealing. The good news is that the scent does not stick around, it is just something you have while you are using the wipes. If you have sensitive skin, or picky skin, or allergies, or just despise chemical unknown ingredients give this brand a try. It has been awesome.
So, now that I have bragged about all the wonderful freebies from Influenster I bet you are dying to know how to get in on this great time. It really is easy. Go to and create an account. If they ask let them know Marija Savitt sent you. Once you have an account link it to your social media accounts and blog if you have one. Then start earning badges and answering questions. Before you know it you will be invited to participate in different events like the VoxBox events. Always try everything out and take the time to give your honest opinion. Enjoy the perks.
As a reminder: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes


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