23 Dec

If you are anything like me you love shopping and equally love finding a great deal while doing it. Lately I have found that online shopping can be just as much fun as mall shopping. You get great deals with promo codes and can usually find what you are looking for. The one downfall is paying for shipping. Well I have found an amazing option to online shopping where the items come at such a great price that you are happy to pay the shipping (that is if you have to).

So here’s the deal. You go to the Shopcade website and create your own profile. You take a look around and find goodies that you love. They have everything from great clothes for both men and women to electronics to make-up to music. There is usually a discount listed on the item to let you know the deal you can get and what the price is for you. You can choose to just add it to your Shopcade to have it hang around until you have some spare cash to buy it or to show off to your friends. Or, you can choose to buy the item. At that point you click on the “shop” button on the item and when you do that you will be forwarded to the item to purchase it directly from the companies website.

This is where it gets really cool. If the company has a promo code or something special going on then you can possibly get free shipping on your great deal. You have your product ship from a reputable company and have a place to ask questions and get answers if there is a problem. It rocks, right? So, I know you are thinking these must be bad brands or bad quality items. No, absolutely not. They have brand names link UGGS, Mark Jacobs, Betsy Johnson, and many others. Below is an example of what you can get.

If you know me you know I love sophisticated girly clothes. I love the grown up polka dots or the grown up princess look. It is just so much fun. It may not be practical all the time but I don’t think I ever grew out of the dress up stage. So I found this great polka dot dress by Mark Jacobs Polka Dot Dress and these great heels by Bebe Black Heels which together make a stunning outfit for around 300 dollars. It really is amazing.

So, now you are thinking that it is a bunch of expensive brands for sale. Nope, you can find your next pair of converse or levi’s on sale as well. So what are you waiting for? Go now… Follow the link provided below and get your deals. Oh, and stop by my page and feel free to follow me to see what I am finding as I peruse the aisles of Shopcade. Happy Shopping! Marija’s Shopcade


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