No More Rack

14 Aug


Ok, so this has been around for awhile but I just want to make sure that you all have had a chance to check it out. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give No More Rack a 7. You would think a bargain hunter like me would be quick to give it a 10 but I am not just about the bargain. I like to find quality items and No More Rack has had questionable quality from time to time.

I ordered a jacket once and while it was brand new and in great condition the material was questionable for me. I’ve tried on a few times but to be honest I have never worn it. I’m afraid it will rip easily and I just haven’t found that event yet where a ripped in the moment jacket will work. Maybe my next concert. Then there was this ipad USB adapter that was supposed to answer all my problems with having a pc and loving my ipad. I thought I would finally be able to get those pictures without using an online service but I was wrong. Oh well, it was my bad for getting something I have never heard of. At least it was only $3.00.

So, more recently I ordered a wallet. I haven’t seen it yet but I’m really hoping that it will be the redeption I have been looking for with No More Rack. They have grown so much that they have to be getting better quality products these days. If you are dying to find the next deal then head over using the link below. I recommend signing up for emails to get info on their latest deals. Today they had a great FREE SHIPPING on everything! It was the perfect time to grab that $8.00 wallet I have been eyeing. Happy Shopping NoMoreRackers!!!



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