14 Aug

I may be stating the obvious here but I can’t pass it up. If you haven’t gotten on the email list for Group-on in your area… DO IT!!! I don’t really use group-on for make-up or clothes or products but it is the greatest when you want something new to do or to try a new restaurant. They have great deals on things. Recently I signed up for the Sassy City Girl event here in San Diego through Group-on. Not knowing what I might be getting into I thought I would give it a try. All I knew is that it was seventeen dollars for two people and we would get some gift bag. Best Buy Ever! It was so much fun. The gift bags included a $25 gift card to jewelmint which more than paid for itself. Not to mention that there was a designer offering three items for five dollars at the event. I got four dresses and eight shirts for twenty dollars!!! They also offered free massages, manicures, and threading at the event. Plus you got to try chocolate wine varieties and different shots of alcohol. It was a blast and I would have never found it without Group-on. So, go over and add Group-on to your deals. Play clicky on the far right of the home page near the bottom to try and win some extra spending cash. Oh, and don’t forget to spin for your favorite friend… me, Marija Savitt!!! I will be posting a link below and you will get some bonus sign up cash so don’t wait… go now!!!


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