It Works

13 Aug


What works? Right? Well the truth is a lot works at It Works and there is a reason why it is named just that. I am always skeptical when it comes to weight loss and health claims. You just never know. Not to mention that this is not your mom’s business of yesterday. So what exactly is It Works?


This is a business for anyone who is interested in selling their products but more importantly this is a group of products that have some pretty cool claims and so far from my experience have lived up to them. The trick with this product however is to not expect miracles. Change comes at a pace not matter what it is and don’t expect to do it once and have your life change. Their number one seller is their wrap.


The wrap is said to make you lose inches. You buy it in a set of four so that you are not just doing one and expecting miracles. The truth is one could really get you started. When I did my first wrap I have to be honest that over the following 72 hours I felt amazing. I felt a change in the way my clothes fit. It was not a size differing change but it was a change. I had the same effect over my next three wraps. I did not use the defining gel because, honestly I can’t afford it.


It Works recommends that you do the wraps with the defining gel in between the wrap sessions. When you wrap you should put the wrap on the area you want and then wrap with saran wrap to keep in on. It stays on for 45 minutes so you want to be able to move around. After the 45 minute wrap it continues to work for the next 72 hours and I honestly could see a difference over the time.


So, the downfall? It did not change my size which I was hoping for but never really expected. It made me feel and look slimmer and that was it. But it did work and I have a feeling that paired with the defining gel as recommended I might have lost that size.


So, here is where I will use it again… you know that upcoming wedding that you want to look a little slimmer at and feel great? Or that high school reunion, family get together, or just night out with the girls. I would definitely use it again for any of these reasons. As for losing those sizes I think I will stick to counting calories, eating well, and exercising. If you want to try out the product or any of the other products they offer (something I recommend) then I will be posting a link shortly for you to order from. Happy Shopping!


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